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"Il est agréable que je puisse vivre dans le sud."

Translation:It is nice that I can live in the south.

April 26, 2018



The English is so odd that it's almost wrong, and needlessly different from the French. Much better: It is nice THAT I can live in the south. This is the 2nd instance of this strange omission I've encountered in a short time.


I know . Right?


It doesnt make sense without that

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You will encounter this in many, many lessons. In French, it seems it is necessary to always include "que", but in English we commonly omit "that." To me, adding "that" seems like an extra word that doesn't need to be there.


How is it that "agreeable" is not an acceptable translation for "agréable?"


"it is enjoyable that I can live in the south." should be accepted.


I find it easy to forget the rules around when to apply conjunctive, hence my following question: how bad is it considered for a native speaker if I say the following:

"Il est agréable que je peux vivre dans le sud".

Is that an "ugly" construction? Or is it more like "it's not entirely correct but I know what you mean" ?


Whether or not someone will bat an eyelash at you dropping the subjunctive in this place would honestly depend on the speaker. It's less commonly dropped than in English (where we entirely forget it exists... "If he was a seabass" vs. "If he were a seabass" probably don't sound all that different to most people). But, newer generations of French speakers are more likely to omit the subjunctive, especially in casual conversation. The context would determine whether the slip would be appropriate or not. In formal company, you might sound a little childish, but most anybody would understand you.


why can't it be great for me to live in the south....


Long sentences like this can be translated in SOOOOO many different ways and still be correct. I am just testing out of these lessons (I am a french speaker) and I keep stumbling on the synonymous of the words I am translating.


Is it wrong to say "pleasing" instead of "nice"?

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