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Is the new voice processing slower?

It seems like my audio prompts are taking longer to process and are marked incorrect more often since the change. It's especially frustrating during timed practice.

April 22, 2014



I agree - the new speech input looks like a step back to me. It is very confusing and unreliable. Apart from the slow processing that you mentioned, it would often "forget" already recognized words randomly, which is especially frustrating, since you end up with the wrong answer and have to redo it.


In the past, I had the option to turn of the microphone when the voice processor got stuck in an endless loop of "That doesn't sound right." Now that seems to be gone, and I only have the option of losing a heart, which often makes me fail the unit.

I think the vocal exercises are very useful, even though the voice processor is clearly not up to the task -- and maybe the whole technology isn't up to something this sensitive. All I want is the way to skip a question without losing a heart.


Luckily in the timed review tests once it fails once you can skip past it, but I agree that it puts us in a hard position during the normal lessons. The French audio in general seems sub-par. Our robotic femme can be truly difficult to understand, regardless of the difficulty of the content.

I went and revisited some of my long-lost Spanish stuff and found that the audio recognition and performance is in general far superior.


To turn off your microphone, you can go into your settings and select "off" for microphone (the same thing was happening to me so I turned it off).


Yeah. I've given up and turned it off. I just really LIKE the audio segments and find them valuable. I'd just like to have a way to skip an audio question without taking a hit when it gets hung up.

I used to be able to turn off the microphone after I'd already tried the question a few times, and now I can't.


I cant comprehend how to use the new speech input !!


I agree. I'm not at all a fan of the new processing. It'll frequently recognize what I say and then decide I'm trying to say something else and mark it wrong. I know that my pronunciation may not always be perfect, but when I do lessons on my tablet or iPhone, it understands perfectly 99% of the time, whereas on the PC, it's very random. I don't want to turn off the speech lessons, because I think they're useful, but I'm taking a lot of hits to my hearts and having ridiculous halts in the lessons to figure out what word to omit for Duo to understand me. It was much better before.


How do you slow the mic down

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