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What other resources do you guys use other than Duolingo to help learn french?

I'm starting to watch french shows and listen to french radio, but are their other programs like duolingo that you use along with it?

April 27, 2018



I use the HelloTalk app. It's great because you can message, leave voice mail, voice chat and video chat other people who are native in the language you want to learn and in turn are learning your native language. Everyone I have encountered on there so far is lovely and more than willing to correct you and give you helpful advice.

I've found that Duolingo is the most effective app/site for me to directly learn French but I'm constantly looking through Pinterest for other things. I've started watching some Netflix Original shows in French with French subtitles.


I mainly read using Readlang web reader, which is a web reader that then creates wordlists/flashcards based on vocab you looked up, a great way to learn in context! Lingvist is also good for building vocabulary. 7jours is a nice free app by tv5Monde, teaching vocab through short weekly video/news clips. I also listen to Podcasts. I highly recommend Coffee Break French. I also really like Bliubliu, however I haven’t tried it out for French, but I really enjoy using it for Spanish.


I used the beginner lessons at frenchbyfrench.com for listening practice. It has graded dialogues with audio at native speed (the first 10 can be slowed down, though) and one can listen to them and then check against the French text and its English translations to test one’s comprehension. I thought they were very useful and I plan to go back to them eventually.


Right now, I'm mostly using French Today - pricey but it's been the only thing to truly help me boost my listening comprehension. Other than that, I have several books - French Grammar Made Easy, Hacking French, and several of the "Progressive" books by CLE (which are the textbooks used in France to teach French to foreigners). You can find free pdf scans of some French language learning textbooks on frenchpdf.com. There's also a free university-level online Elementary French course available through the Online Learning Initiative. http://oli.cmu.edu/courses/all-oli-courses/french-i-course-details/ (you have the option of paying if you want an instructor-led experience).

Hope this helps!

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