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  5. "Hol 'oHbej."

"Hol 'oHbej."

Translation:It is definitely a language.

April 27, 2018



I wrote "it is a language" and marked wrong.


"It is a language" would be simply Hol 'oH. You must account for the -bej in some way.


Ohbej did not have a definition


You should have an apostrophe at the beginning of the word. The apostrophe is a proper letter of the alphabet in Klingon. Unfortunately, the Duolingo software gets confused by the apostrophe and fails to look up the definitions we have entered into the Hints. This is a known problem and supposedly the programmers are trying to fix it. However, I'm sure it is a low priority for them.

If you want to read about the other known issues in this course, read the post at: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885


Consider adding (It is definitely language) to your list of acceptable answers. Articles are usually optional in this course.


That is also an accepted translation. If you were marked wrong, then you either had some other error or it was a software bug. Do you have a screen cap? And/or did you use the report flag?


I don't have a screen cap. I must have made some other mistake? I did not report it.


I wrote "Qol ohbej" and it got accepted and just gave me the translation.

I found the female voice to sound more like a Q than H in the beginning.

And yes I know the h i oHbej is capitalized and just got tired of the extra button clicking (I am on the phone).

I missed the apostrophe tho.


If you ever hear me pronounce Qay the way I pronounce the Hay here, report that. The Qay has an affricative onset, but the end of it sounds the same as a Hay.

Duolingo let you get away with the one letter "typo" because it doesn't know about the word Qol meaning beam away.

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