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"There are two thousand residents on the island."

Translation:Il y a deux mille habitants sur l'île.

April 27, 2018



Why is it mille and not milles? I thought you have to use the plural here...


Not for the word mille. It is invariable when it is used in a number. Chalk it up to another quirk in French.

cinq cents
cinq mille

Incidentally, milles is a word in French, it means miles.

Here's a useful link.


Why don't you need either a definite article or partitive article for the residents please?


When a noun is preceded by a number, no article is needed.

J'ai trois gommes.
Il y a cinq crocodiles.
Environ quatre mille serpents vivent sur l'île.


Duolingo is very explicit that "Il y a une centaine de personnes dans ma famille" must have "de" before personnes. Why?


Hello Skuitarist,
"Centaine" is a special case because it is not a precise number. It means "about a hundred" or "a hundred or so". When a noun follows centaine you must have the preposition de/d'. Please also note that it is always "une centaine", or feminine, no matter what follows it.

une centaine d'hommes (about a hundred men)
une centaine de biscuits (a hundred or so cookies/biscuits)

You'll see this in other approximate numbers with the ending -aine like: vingtaine (about twenty), trentaine (about thirty), quarantaine (about forty), etc.

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