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"Nous allons quitter Paris pour que notre famille vive mieux."

Translation:We are going to leave Paris so that our family lives better.

April 27, 2018



How do native English speakers feel about the "...so that our family lives better" here?

"We are going to" implies a future event, so would "can live"/"will live"/"will be able to live" etc. not be better choices?


Not native, but I agree. The end of the sentence needs to be in the future tense as well. There was no option to report this, though.


It sounds odd to me in England, but understandable. "Can live" sounds better to me, "...will live" sounds a bit too definite as we don't know if their lives will be better.

I would probably say "We are leaving Paris for a better life for our family".


I think in the 19th century we would have said "so that our family might live better." That's outdated now and I think we rarely express things in that structure, so the direct translation will probably never sound natural.


This may be an instance where the word "may", used in the rarely-used English subjunctive, may sound better, i.e., "We are going to leave Paris so that our family may live better." Maybe ... used ...


I have been waiting to hear this! I agree--I think that's exactly the correct way to go about it. This is indeed the English subjunctive. Somehow "might" sounds a bit better to my ear, not sure why. ("so that our family might live better.")


In English, we can leave out "going" in this sentence.


The English usage here is definitely awkward if translated this literally. But even worse, they wouldn't accept "in order that" in place of "so that." It's definitely getting discouraging not to have options at this later phase of the program. Maybe they are depending on the readers to provide the options, but still.

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