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the otter and other animals in German



We have lots of animals in Scotland not covered by duolingo

Are there common German animals also not represented


April 27, 2018


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    For what it's worth, I have a comprehensive TinyCards deck on animals in German: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/4vrccR5h/german-animals


    Käfer only has one f (your card says "Käffer")

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you solopipe. It's corrected now.


      Otter is a word with two meanings in German: There is the Otter as a snake and the Otter who lives mostly in the water, eating fish...

      Thought this would be nice to know


      Die Kreuzotter (feminin) ist die einzige Giftschlange, die es in Deutschland gibt. Der Otter (maskulin) ist ein kleines Raubtier, das im Wasser lebt. DIE Kreuzotter (Schlange). DER Otter - kleines Raubtier


      Good help with the articles here to have a visible difference. Sometimes we leave out to say "Kreuz" if we do not want to make it so detailed. Than we say "die Otter" (also if we mean an individual Otter directly)

      By the way: Most of us here in Germany only see this snake in zoological gardens or familiar places like this. The Kreuzotter is shy and we do not have many of them. She is not the only snake with poison here. (http://www.heimische-tiere.de/Schlangen_Deutschland.htm) to see more in German (maybe a little bit fast): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ-d4ukXnuk

      There are also a lot of collectors which lost their snakes in the last years. A lot of them are captured in other countries and sometimes illegal.


      Danke! Das wusste ich nicht. Wow. Freut mich, Neues zu lernen. Von der Giftschlange im Schwarzwald hatte ich noch nie gehört. Bisher habe ich eine Kreuzotter, eine Ringelnatter und eine Äskulapnatter in dem Ort Schlangenbad in der Natur gesehen. Und viele Blindschleichen, die ja keine Schlangen sind.


      Hey Jack, you are back!

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