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Do I need to get all 5 crowns for each skill?

Ever since Duolingo changed their base algorithm from the SRS bar system to the crown system, I've been confused on how to go about my skills. Do I need to take the time to get all the skills to 5 crowns? Or should I be okay going through the course, only practicing the skills I don't fully understand?

April 27, 2018



Assuming you're starting from scratch, I would recommend you go through the entire tree, taking each skill no higher than 2 crowns (it only takes 1 crown to unlock the next row), depending on how well you think you've mastered that skill.

Then go back and take them all up to 3 crowns, then go back and take them all up to 4 crowns. And then 5 crowns. This is more or less what I'm doing with my French tree, which I finished a year ago. (I guess that's now the equivalent of having taken the entire tree to 1 crown.)

For most people, this will likely take at least a year, if not several years. I figure at about 30-45 minutes a day it'll take me between 1 and 2 years to get my French tree to level 4 at every skill, depending on just what happens if/when I get moved up to the new French 3.0 course.

Yeah, some of the lower skills are kind of boring and repetitive at the higher crown levels, but if you aren't getting them 100% right (and I'm making silly errors), you probably need the practice. And I'm hoping Duo will fix that over time, though that will probably require the language developers to create an updated version of the course.


Definitely agree although I switch around a bit doing some easy (top of the tree) and some harder (middle/bottom). The repetition definitely helps though.

I find that even though I got everything shiny on the previous tree format I am still learning new things by going back through the lower levels and I am starting to understand the nuances of French better.


I personally get to level five on a skill before going to the next one. I find that the repetition makes me understand the content to the point that it's automatic. Some people get bored by the repetition and yeah, sometimes it bores me, but we're also talking about learning an entirely new foreign language here.

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    I deleted my comment because I seem to be in the color test segment and I don't know what changes have been rolled out to everybody yet. I noticed that someone else also caught the change with the lingots and mentioned it.


    It's up to you. You can go through an entire skill until you hit level 5, or you could make your way through the entire tree by completing only 1 or 2 levels of each skill. It's based on what you feel you need to practice and what you feel comfortable with. There's no right or wrong way to go about it.

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