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" no puedes viajar el diez de enero."

Translation:You can't travel on January tenth.

April 27, 2018

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The reason 'tenth January' is not correct as a date in either US English or UK English (and to be clear; it is not correct) is because it also has the dual meaning of being the 'tenth January', i.e. out of a series of Januaries, over the course of a few years. January tenth, and tenth OF January, are both correct, although which one you encounter more frequently will depend which side of the pond you are on.


its sentences like these that make me wish duo had it's own speech system so it would actually pronounce the de instead of burying it in other words

not a problem with the sentence itself i just needed to be mad about it wheeze


"You can not travel on Jan 10th" should be acceptable.


It has to be cannot or can't.


The "tú" seems unnecessary.


Yes, the sentence is correct with or without "tú".

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