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Earning XP & Lingots

Hey! Do you know some ways I could earn XP or lingots? Some of my friends are already at almost 3,000 XP and over 700 lingots! Its kind of frustrating, so I'd appreciate any tips! Thanks!

April 22, 2014



XP: experience points. You can earn them by doing lessons, reviewing lessons, and by doing immersion. The more of these that you do the more XP's you get. You get 10 to 13 points for each lesson that you do or review, depending on how many hearts survive in the lesson. Lingots you can get by getting full hearts on a lesson, leveling up, when your entry for immersion is accepted, and when other other people feel obliged to donate some to you. But all of these(lingots and XP) are rewarded mainly for hard work, so...the more you learn the more you achieve!


Ok, thank you for your tips! Also, good job on getting to level 15 Spanish, higher than I am on.


¬°Gracias! Don't worry! With hard work and perseverance, I guarantee that you will be in level 15 before you know it!


Try uploading documents that you think people will like in "immersion". I saw that there was no "Duolingo" document, I uploaded one, and by the next hour it was finished, and I earned 8 lingots! =P Never thought I would earn that much; I only thought I'd get one or 2 =P Translating is good too. Go to the store, and scroll all the way down. It should tell you the ways to get lingots. Use the way that suits you most! Oh yeah, and another tip is: Never ask for lingots. people will downvote your comment and you wont get any.


That is an extravagant tip! I would advise the exact same thing. People give you lingots when they like your discussion, think your advise was helpful, and so on. For example I will give 1_4M_M3 a lingot for the excellent info and I shall give one to FierroK for the awesome discussion! ;)


This is very helpful, so thanks! Also, Kat99, thanks for the lingot!


Merci Beaucoup! I see you changed your profile picture again =D


but i still dont get it i only get 10 even though i answer it all correctly


What do you mean, "hearts survive" in a lesson?


Please use the shortcuts to recieve a lot at once for xp and learning to do double or nothing a lot.


what you mean if you write about shortcuts?


You get 2 lingots for completing a skill, 1 lingot for completing a lesson with full hearts, Leveling up gives you the amount of lingot multiplied 1x by your new level, and also, you should try to maintain a high day streak. Like Kat99 said, you get 10-13 points for completing a lesson, and for the timed practice you get the amount of xp for the number of questions you got right or managed to finish. (But, if you keep doing the easiest lesson (Basics 1), you can get easy lingots)!!!!!


try immersion but only if you can translate the language


Though, on the other hand, you can still correct or agree with others' translations. The XP won't come pouring in and you won't get Lingots, but it has actually helped me tremendously.


You'll need to work really hard! And play as much as you can! Not only will you win more Xps/lingots than your friends but you are in the long run helping yourself massively and you will know way more than everyone else! Enjoy x


One of the easiest ways to earn lingots, other than finishing skills, is to keep your streak going. You're at 41 days now (great job!), so in 9 days when you reach 50 days, you'll earn five more lingots. Every ten days your streak keeps going, you earn more. Good luck!


Ok, thanks! Great job on your 254 day streak! :)


wow a 642 day streak!


Thanks! Do at least a littel every day, and commit to learn at least one new thing daily, even if it's just a new word. It adds up, both for your language learning and your streak!

Sadly, Duolingo is doing an A/B test that has eliminated awarding streak lingots for many users, so the advice I gave above may no longer be valid for some users.


The best way would probably be to double or nothing every time you finish a ten day streak as well as maintain a continuous streak. This way, you receive say 2 lingots for a 20 day streak PLUS 10 lingots for each 10 day streak when you double or nothing each time


Good advice, thank you! :)


Do immersions I am level 11 because of that and I have 55 lingots. If you look on my XP line graph you will see a huge change, I only got a maximum of 200 XP without immersions and 1000 XP with immersions.


how do you get immersion? and what is it?


Donating a lingot to bring this post into alignment just made my day. Cheers.


if your fluent in a language you can do what i do. i took the spanish test in english, then took the english test in spanish. Im learning portuguese so i took that test after i finished the first 20 levels in both spanish and english. i got 5000 points in less than an hours work


Wow. 5000 points! Great job on that!


Nice one Jade91481, That's the reply I should have left but felt sorry for the guy and then noticed that there's an abundance of people asking for lingots???? After I gave Benilee77 30 or more still no "hey dude thanks " I assumed that the board was for asking and receiving questions but there seems to be more " give me, give me give me, some lingots " going on than actual hey how do you blah, blah, blah. So no more freebies, just hey dude Google it and spend your time actually putting some work in and earning them like the rest of us


So what is immersion? This all sounds fascinating. I have been studying for quite a while, most days and am really pleased with my progress but I'd like to do anything that will help me Jan


What are XPs for and how does one spend lingots?


Xp's are basically rewards you can build up, normally 10 each lesson until you complete the course first time around then on second to fifth time each completed lesson can gain you anything from 10 to 15 points and once you reach level 2 in a lesson the circle turns a gold colour and amount of lessons can vary from 10 to 84 but don't let it get you down, its repetitive but a great way to learn. Lingots can open extra bonus questions or buy a suo super suit ( virtual) or a 1 day streak freeze or a weekend freeze incase you forget as you don't want to get 346 days and pop back to zero because you missed a day, the freeze auto kicks in if you miss the deadline. Apart from that there isn't much you can do with them, I've got 1734 of them and bought all I can so unless you're low don't even bother trying to get extra by ad watching, that said I do have a weekly gamble, double or nothing but 5 lingots cap. I did email them and ask if it was possible to get enough for maybe a Mazzarati lol but no reply, hope this clears things up for you and keep at it as you may not think it's sinking in but one day you will wake up as though you are reborn. Oh and Google is the last thing to do for information as it won't give as much info plus you will be scrolling pages of bumf before you find a semblance of relevant data. Anyway have a blast and ten minutes a day isn't much. Would recommend trying to collect all the flags ie winner of the week, 20 lessons with no mistakes etc but even when you get them it's a bit of an anticlimactic experience so would be great if they added something else as inspiration, have fun Benilee77. Emille8


Hi Benilee77 Another good tip for you is Google Italian newspapers and find the one which has them in a picture, as in a paper rack, then click the 3 dots on the top right of the page and scroll down and find the line that says add to home screen and click it, this will put a shortcut on your phone screen which you can access by clicking it and then click any newspaper to read, it helps you to learn. Oh the lingots I gave you were for a new suit for suo plus a streak freeze or to open up a locked lesson like flirting etc. Good luck


Leveling up Earn 1 lingot Finishing a skill Earn 2 lingots for finishing a new skill 10 day streaks Earn 1 lingot for every 10 days on a streak (1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc) Note: Lingots are not awarded when you use a tree shortcut to level up or finish a skill.

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