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"J'atterris à Paris à huit heures."

Translation:I land in Paris at eight o'clock.

April 27, 2018



Given that this is referring to a landing in the future would this not normally be better expressed in "futur simple" rather than present ie. j'atterrirai à paris...?


The present tense can be used instead of the future tense when it is clear from context that the action takes place in the future. You can say for instance:

J'atterris à Paris demain à huit heures, ensuite je prends le train pour Lille.

Notice that English does the same: present tense is used instead of future.


All good and thanks. I guess all three should be acceptable though in different circumstances . Present and futur proche if we are on a flight, present if habitual or simple future for a future fight?


If it is a present of habit, every time I come back from Toulouse, I land in Paris at 8 o'clock.


Quite true, but the habitual condition is not clearly implied by the question?


No, it is not, but it is possible.


Actually "I WILL land in Paris at eight o clock" should also be accepted. The statement is made as a future tense (i.e. I WILL land.....)


"I land in Paris at eight" would be more usual. French often adds an expression referring to time where English uses the number alone, for example "How old are you? I'm eight" (J'ai huit ans.)


Why is 8am not acceptable when the 24 hour clock is used for all time references?

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