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  5. "Er ist immer beim Lernen."

"Er ist immer beim Lernen."

Translation:He is always learning.

March 23, 2013



What is the reason for using "beim"?


Why also is Lernen capitalized? Its not a noun...


It is here! You can turn German verbs into nouns by capitalising the infinitive (the form with -en on it). Such nouns are always neuter.


Duolingo, being Duolingo, has already introduced these without explaining them, for example -das Essen-!

A closer translation for this sentence that I think we (native Eng. speakers) would actually say, which preserves the spirit of the original, is "He is always at his studies". But I didn't dare try it, because I was sure I would lose a heart!

The beim here is short for "bei dem", and it's there because "he is always studies" or "er ist immer Lernen" wouldn't make sense. You need a preposition (at, bei respectively) to connect it all together.


Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense. :)


my question exactly. I dont get it.

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