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FRENCH: can't distinguishi singular from plural(AUDIO) and can't hear some words.

When i play an audio, i can not hear the endings of the words. Like the word "L'homme" in singular and "Les Hommes" in plural, they sound exactly the same for me. When the audio speaks and at the same time the sentance is written on the screen, clearly i can see the difference, but if its not written there, i sometimes assume logicly the correct answer or get an error. also i can't hear the "et" in the sentance and many more... is this an audio problem or is it just me and it is how people speak in France. It is quite frustraiting not to hear the coordinating conjunction.

P.s: I have no idea if this post is appropriate to write here, but i still did it. sorry if i'm wrong :D

April 27, 2018



This is the way French is, so it's not an audio problem - and that means your question would be more appropriately placed in the "French" forum.

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French drops the end of a LOT of words. The pronunciation is the hardest part of French for me, by far. There are also a lot of nuanced vowel sounds that are very difficult to differentiate at first.

Be sure to read the "Tips and Notes" at the beginning of each skill. There is a wealth of information in there. The French team has done an outstanding job; truly excellent.

Also read the sentence discussions. In the earlier lessons especially, there are lots of questions about pronunciation, and some great answers.

In "l'homme" and "les hommes" the words homme and hommes sound identical, but you can clearly hear the difference between l' and les. A lot of understanding French comes from listening to the articles and verbs that go with the noun.

Something that has helped me immensely with my listening is to say every sentence along with Duo. Do this over and over until you can get it just right. As you do this, not only will your pronunciation improve but your listening ability will skyrocket.

Stick with it - if you practice every day then in a few weeks the sentences that seem hard now will be obvious. It's slow going but it does happen, and it's really cool when it does :)


thank you for replay. I will start moveing the post :) I did not notice any "Tips and Notes" though. I'll start searching i guess :D


When you click on a skill on the tree, if there are any T&N for that skill there will be a light bulb next to the start button, like this:
Tips and Notes button

If you click on that button it will take you to a page like this:
Tips and Notes page


Duo's text-to-speech program is not very good, but that's not the real problem, it's that many French words sound IDENTICAL in both singular and plural form, so you have to listen to the other words in the sentence (articles and verbs) to figure out whether the noun is singular or plural.


Je suis d'accord avec les commentaires précédents , mais je veux signaler que dans certains ( très rares ) cas , la prononciation de Duo est incorrecte . Je suis Français , je fais le "reverse tree" , et il m'est arrivé quelques fois de ne pas comprendre ce que Duo disait ... Dans ma langue maternelle . Alors oui , en Français des mots différents peuvent parfois se prononcer de la même manière , mais il arrive que Duo prononce mal ( C'est très rare , je le répète ! Mais un mot très courant comme "oui" est fréquemment prononcé de façon incorrecte )

[deactivated user]

    The majority of people here simply don't understand that for some reason French uses the same audio clips for singular as plural! Let me write that again:


    And NO, it's not a matter of me not hearing it right or misunderstanding the difference between the two. I speak French in my Meetup group as well as with natives online. I watch movies in French and watch videos on instruction and music on YouTube.

    The only place where there is no difference is the sound clips on Duolingo. Until they fix this, you'll just have to power through the lessons and listen to real French speakers, not the Duolingo bot.

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