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  5. "Tú estudias en la clase."

" estudias en la clase."

Translation:You study in class.

April 27, 2018



Why my answer "you study in the classroom" , was not accepted ? In my humble opinion, "classroom" is both a honest English word and,it is offered by DL itself, as a correct translation for the Spanish word "clase", in this context !


A classroom is either "una aula" or. "un salón/una sala de clase".


A class can be held outdoors. Not always in a classroom.


I agree, Puccini. The classroom makes more sense. Hope you reported it!


In manyp previous DL exercises, 'la' would have to be translated as 'the'.


However, a few "common" Spanish nouns always take the definite article, even though we don't translate the definite article into English. Those nouns generally refer to places.

These nouns include: Prision, clase, comida (not a place), , hospital, escuela, cama, casa, iglesia, trabajo, Cárcel, colegio,


What happened to Requests (as this lesson category is named), Duolingo? I've been translating statements and statements and statements.


You can also make requests in the indicative mood, which sounds somewhat less harsh (but occasionally more annoyed) than the imperative.

  • Cierras la puerta. - You go close the door.
  • ¿Cierras la puerta? - Will you close the door?
  • Cierra la puerta. - Close the door.


Tessbee I was wondering the same. This is just a generic statement, not a 'request' of anything. If you hadn't already, maybe report it in the feedback. I did, but more may help developers fine tune the content of the category.


You study at class. why it is wrong.


I wrote the same thing and got the exact result! I think it is a very common expression.


I don't think most people would say "at class". It's usually "in class".


Why here 'the' is not accepted?? As here la is given... So it should be in the class


"Class" is usually used as an institution, like "school", "church", or "work", where English rarely uses a definite article. It's required in Spanish, though.


Why did you label this "requests". These are not requests in english. Not fun.


"You are studying in class." Accepted.


They really should pay more attention to the way things are worded in these courses. They keep treating the present indicative tu form of the verb as if it is present progressive but then they suddenly expect you not to without any reason at all. Are they even looking at the reports or not? they should get more team members for Spanish.


The question was written in incorrect English, and translation required in English too.


'Your do you study in the class.' This what I was asked to translate into English???

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