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"You start by making a hole in the ground."

Translation:Tu commences en faisant un trou dans le sol.

April 27, 2018



"Tu commences par faire un trou dans le sol" - Is this correct?


No. This sentence is using the present participle faisant. Many verbs can use their present participle as an adjective but their are also a few that can be used as gerunds when en precedes them. Faisant is a common one. that can mean "in / by doing" or "by making".


This sentence is not incorrect, in fact it's how I would have personally translated it. commencer par + infinitive is a valid construction, which is equivalent to and probably more common than commencer en + present participle

Present participles aren't actually used that often in French, especially in spoken French.


Merci bien relox. Cette information est très utile.


Thank you. I translated using commencer par+ infinitive because I heard this in conversation in France


Thanks, very useful information.

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