Is there a better alternative?

<pre> Duo lingo has been making me mad lately, it seems like it could offer so much more but it doesn't. They don't have anything a bit more entertaining than just buckling down and learning. This is like the updated version of Rosetta Stone. But quite frankly I would prefer Rosetta Stone. Do you guys know any other ideas for an online course that I could take? Duo lingo doesn't feel as rewarding as it should. </pre>
8 months ago


I've been about two weeks on crowns now and I'm quickly starting to feel the same. It's getting painfully repetitive. If they don't add some more material soon they're going to start shedding users faster than my german shepherd is shedding her winter coat!

By comparison, I much prefer Rosetta's interface. The graphics and audio are excellent and that pronunciation gauge really did a lot for me. RS doesn't do everything I need but when I come back to DL it feels tired and clunky.

8 months ago

isnt rosetta stone like 150$? per language per year? So are you comparing a free to a paid program?

Also can you please explain how crowns are any more repetitive than the re golding you did prior to crowns?

8 months ago

I was at a stage where I was finding DL repetitive in the old system too. By repetitive I meant that when I first started on crowns I was really hoping the higher levels in crowns that weren't available through the old tree would give me access to new material. Unfortunately that's not been the case and I'm finding the same questions repeating as I move through the higher levels of crowns. I'm basically repeating many of the questions in level 4 as I did in level 1 of the same unit. DL seriously needs new material imo if it hopes to hold onto users who have completed the old tree.

And yes, I am comparing a paid app to a non-paid app. I'm referring to the content, not to the price - the price is irrelevant in that regard.

BTW for anyone interested in RS, I suggest you create an account and take the short demo, and then wait for them to send you alerts for the discounted rates at around $80 per year.

8 months ago

And yes I am comparing paid and unpaid because the poster asked what alternatives there were, not particularly the free alternatives

4 months ago

Memrise, Busuu, Clozemaster seem to be the apps I have enjoyed using for varying reasons.

Anyone seeing the OP text shooting off the side of the screen?

8 months ago

wait is this against the rules?

8 months ago
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No, it's fine to suggest alternative learning resources.
The unofficial Duolingo Wiki lists a lot.

Multilingual Resources
Spanish Resources

8 months ago

Yes, Clozemaster is pretty good and similar approach to DL

merkavar, no and no to both your questions ;)

8 months ago
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You could take a look at Rocket languages

They have a for free thing. I like the audio, which is really good.

Learning resources


Beyond the free thing. You will have to (opt-in) go premium, which is a for-the-rest-of-your-life payment of USD 260,- for all (1, 2 and 3) packages.

If you want to read it, here is the long elevator speech for why buying:

They write that package 3 will take you up to an advanced conversational level, what ever that is.

8 months ago

While it is not a "course" like Duolingo, Google "notes in Spanish" for their podcasts.

8 months ago
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