"We have rice."

अनुवाद:हमारे पास चावल है।

April 23, 2014

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चर्चा पर रोक है।


Why "हमारे पास चावल हैं" and not "हमारे पास चावल है"? Is चावल plural? Or do I completely not understand, and this actually conjugates for "we"?


Hello, I'm a beginner in hindi, just a simple question, why ''हमारे'' for we and not ''हम''as used before ? Thanks !


The expression "हमारे पास चावल है।" literally means that "There is rice in our possession." That is why "our - हमारे" is used instead of "we - हम".


Thanks a lot for your answer, does it apply to other verbs too ?


गलत क्या है?

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