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  5. "We like dark clothes."

"We like dark clothes."

Translation:Nous aimons les vêtements sombres.

April 27, 2018



Could I also use "des" in place of "les" since the clothes are specific in the English sentence?

April 27, 2018


The direct object of an appreciation verb (aimer, aimer bien, adorer, apprécier, préférer, détester, haïr, respecter, admirer) is considered as a generalization.

If you like dark clothes, you like them all, the whole category, not only "some of them".

Generalities in French use the definite articles "le, la, les".

December 13, 2018


How would you say "We like the dark clothes", then?

February 26, 2019


i was marked wrong for using "nous" instead of "on." Shouldn't "nous be acceptable? It says so above

May 29, 2018


nous aimons les habits sombres devrait marcher

June 11, 2018
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