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When do I use "lui" vs. "le" ou "la?"

When it comes to reflexives, I keep mixing up when to use "Lui, le ou la" because "lui" means him/her, and "le/la" mean it (m.), him/it (f.), her, correct? So when do I use which one? Also, if "Lui' comes before a vowel, does it turn into "l'?"

April 27, 2018

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Someone already mentioned that le, la, les are direct object pronouns and that lui and leur are indirect object pronouns. So you have to know if the verb you are using is transitive or intransitive. Transitive ones take direct objects and intransitive ones take a preposition and an indirect object. The complicated part is that French verbs sometimes have the preposition built in. "Chercher" is an example of this because if means "look for." For now, if you are replacing "à Marie" you would use "lui" and it does not change to "l' " ever.

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