"My family lives in Canada."


April 27, 2018

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Why isnt this "家庭" (jiating)? Only "家人" (jiaren) as an option for me, still a little confused about the difference...


What is the difference?


家庭 refers to "family" more than 家人 and is more commonly used. 家人 refers to "family MEMBERS" or "relatives" as the literal translation of 家人 means "house people". 家 is also acceptable but is more commonly used when refering to your home.

我的家。= My home. 我的家庭。= My family. 我的家人。= My family member(s)./My relative(s).

I made a whole entire comment rant on a different thread but I'm not gonna bother finding it rn and I'm too lazy to retype everything lol...

tl;dr - Duolingo's Chinese lessons are still fairly new so not everything is accurate. archchinese.com and wordreference.com are some useful sites for defining stuff (you can learn how to write Chinese characters with the first site).


The pin yin version would be great with correct answers too


我的家人住在加拿大。 Wǒ de jiārén zhù zài jiānádà.


The word bank was entirely missing the verb we needed. I checked and rechecked and it is definitely missing. Want to report but it’s not one of the options in report. Please do fix it as I’m sure I’m not the only one without any means to type characters and dependant on the word bank. Thanks!


I was Half asleep and and wrote "我的家人爱加拿大" - "My family loves Canada," because of the prior questions about various family members loving eachother, lmao.


住 is there May 2018。


My answer is exactly the same as the one in duolingo. But it appears as wrong, I can't understand why


You might have a single stroke off, you also may be using English punctuation instead of Chinese punctuation (. Instead of 。)

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