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"Il y a quelques annonces en noir et blanc."

Translation:There are a few ads in black and white.

April 27, 2018



Why not "several" instead of "a few"?


That would be better translated as "plusieurs". It may just be me, but the word "several" gives me the impression of a higher quantity than the words "a few".

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I find it arbitrary when duolingo recognizes synonyms and when it doesn't. I guess more of it is manually programmed than I initially thought.


Why is "several" not acceptable for "quelques"?


I have the same question.


Why is "a" required in this sentence? In english, it is not needed to make sense.


This was my issue as well. I excluded the english word a and got it wrong.

I am aware that without a, it connotes a more general sense (there are few black and white ads (out there)). But this still strikes me as the sentence I would've used to express that in French.


"Il y a" is the French way to say "there is" or "there are." It's idiomatic. "Il y" translates as "He/It [verb] there." For example, "Il y va."="He goes there."

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