Swedish Certificate not valid anymore?

I got a Swedish certificate last year and put on my LinkedIn profile. Today I was looking for it, I need to use it for an interview so, when I clicked on the certificate link on my LinkedIn profile I got an error and now the certificate doesn't show up any longer and I got an error message. Do I need to retake the test and complete it all again?? I feel really frustrated.

April 27, 2018


I can sympathise with you, and I hope you get it sorted out. However, I need to point out that the Swedish forum isn't the best place to get this kind of questions answered. I would suggest you put it in a troubleshooting or support forum instead.

Best of luck!

April 27, 2018

Duolingo removed the language quiz some time ago, so you can't get a certificate anymore. Also, except for English, the certificates were "informal" and had no real value because they could be easily falsified. So even if you got one, there's no point in using it.

April 30, 2018
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