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"La mosquée se trouve au centre de la ville."

Translation:The mosque is located in the city centre.

April 27, 2018



"Is found" can be used in English for "is located. It is a valid alternate


In the center vs at the center...


The word "located" is superfluous here (and most other places it's used).


"se trouve" literally means "finds itself" and is translated by "is found/located". "is located" is used to show that "se trouve" doesn't just mean "is".

[deactivated user]

    The mosque is located at the centre of the city

    This should be accepted. 'At the' or 'in the' are both acceptable in English.

    I'm assuming this is not accepted because the sentence was only added three months ago and there hasn't been time to add all of the acceptable answer permutations.

    [deactivated user]

      the mosque is found.... marked wrong.

      [deactivated user]

        I know it's tempting to use "is found" because trouver means to find and it still makes sense in English, but se trouver is a different verb. It is reflexive and it means "is situated," or "is located."


        "Is found" is fine so long as you know to use SE trouver, i.e. the reflexive verb, when using French, no? I don't get the issue with translating to "is found" in English. Surely it's a closer fit than "is located".


        I think found is more appropriate than located.


        Why can’t it be town??


        "ville" could be either "town" or "city". If it doesn't accept town next time, report it as a valid sentence.


        Hmm. Duo used to default to US English, but is now becoming erratic: "centre"


        Why is the only acceptable translation for 'centre de la ville' 'city centre'? I don't think there is anything wrong with calling it 'centre of the town', 'town centre' or 'centre of the city'.


        Ville is town or city (mainly town in my memory of learning french as a child) so town should be accepted


        Why not "is found" instead of "located"?


        I agree, and I have reported it..I shall see if I get a positive response.


        situated? located? what's the difference. thanks for all the volunteer effort, but several months of duo lingo have been too much for my mental health. I think I'll try Babbel


        The Mosque is situated in the city centre. Located vs situated I thought interchangeable here ?

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