"Ungekula matunda ungepata afya"

Translation:If you were to eat fruit, you would get healthy

April 27, 2018

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Why I can't say : If you ate fruits..


From my understanding, the -nge- is present tense and -ngali- is past. Therefore, "If you ate fruits..." would be "Ungalikula matunda..."

I hope this helps!


Actually, if you ate fruit (past tense form but basically used as present tense after if) is a perfectly fine version of the subjunctive/conditional in English and much more commonly used. However, for this course, best to use the less commonly used if you were form, it probably won't accept the past tense use.


ideal/at least alternative translation would be: ungepona = you would get healthy. ungepata afya sooner means, you would get health.

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