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"Cette fête est géniale, nous nous amusons beaucoup."

Translation:This party is great, we are having a lot of fun.

April 27, 2018



Why this translation is not accepted This party is awesome we have a lot of fun


Why does not it "we have a lot of fun"


In English, we use "having fun" in the present continuous form rather than the simple present tense unless it is a repeated or habitual activity, which context will tell you.
Present continuous: We are having fun at the party. (At this moment in time)
Simple present: We have fun together/at the mall/Saturday mornings/on camping trips.


Both contexts could work here I think, especially since 'cette' could mean 'this' or 'that'. For example, 'that festival is great (in general), we (generally) have a lot of fun'.


Can a native French speaker please tell me whether people actually use the double nous in casual speech? It seems like the type of thing that everybody would drop. And I take in a lot of French media and never hear it


Are you concerned that Duolingo is teaching a fictitious language (other than Klingon)? They are fooling all three million people who use this app? Je m'amuse de ça. :-)


I have never understood the use of a comma in these French sentences, often seen on DL. Is this really proper French punctuation? I don't think it's correct in English, and should either be two complete sentences separated by a period, two phrases seperated by a semicolon, or a compound sentence with the comma followed by 'and'.


Another skeptic! Here's a good article about French punctuation. I hope it's useful!



Thanks for the link. I learned a lot from it, although not the answer to my question.

It's not that I'm a skeptic, but rather a learner. The sentence construction doesn't make sense to me in English, or in anything I've seen in French outside of DL. It's still not clear to me, and I'm looking for an explanation.

For anyone interested, the following site gives a good description of some complex French sentences, but still no reference to the construction above.



Yes. This sentence needs to be rewritten to fix the punctuation.


I am not a native speaker of English, but I am pretty sure you can also say ... we are having fun a lot, which is what I wrote in the answer and it was marked incorrectly. If I am wrong, my apologies.


You could say that and would be understood, but it sounds a bit clunky and it isn't a natural way for a native to say it.


We enjoyed ourselves is synonymous -should be accepted


'We enjoyed ourselves ' is synonymous - should be accepted


why can’t you say “This party is fun. We are enjoying ourselves a lot.” Doesn’t it mean the same thing?


That's what I put and I think it should be accepted.


I do not know if it is just me but I can not hear the second nous at normal speed


What's wrong with "we're having a really good time."?


I wrote "This is a great party, we are having a lot of fun" and was marked wrong. Any idea why?


I would have thought that "we are enjoying ourselves a lot" should be acceptable


Is using "nice" instead of "great" really that incorrect? I feel it should have been accepted.

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