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"He called about the advertisement in the newspaper."

Translation:Il a téléphoné pour l'annonce dans le journal.

April 27, 2018



Is using téléphoner or appeler more common when referring to making a phone call? In English, I would never say "I telephoned someone," but if I did no one would be confused. Is it the same in French?


"Téléphoner" is much more common than "to telephone". In fact, both "téléphoner" and "appeler" are normally used for "to phone/ring/call".


DL also accepted "Il a appelé" for "He called" which is what I was thinking rather than telephoned.


How about "l'avis" rather than "l'annonce"? My dictionary suggests that they are synonyms.


Strictly speaking, you would refer to an ad "SUR le journal" in order to avoid confusion with the idea of something being wrapped up inside the newspaper; similarly, you would say "la clef est SUR la porte" for "the key is in the door," to avoid the possible meaning that the key has fallen inside the doorframe. Admittedly, the French language has moved on toward simplification.


I got it wrong using "il a appelé sur la publicité dans le journal" but don't know why?

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