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  5. "Tu cherches ton écharpe."

"Tu cherches ton écharpe."

Translation:You are looking for your scarf.

April 27, 2018



Preemptive note for those who are confused by the use of "ton" despite "écharpe" being a feminine noun: in French, all feminine nouns that begin with a vowel or silent 'h' are preceded by the masculine form of a possessive adjective (mon, ton & son) to maintain fluidity in pronunciation. "Ton écharpe" is easier on the throat than "ta écharpe."


Thanks. I was really confused. But am fine now after reading your note.


Why is "seek" not an acceptable verb here? It worked with a previous sentence that read "A man seeks a woman." I know we don't use the word "seek" a lot anymore in English, but it seems it should be proper.


... and why "are looking" and not "look"?


"You look for your scarf" is an awkward construction in English. The only time it would really be used would be in answer to a question. Like, "What do you do when your neck is cold? You look for a scarf!" The sentence "You're looking for your scarf" is kind of odd anyway. I mean, when would you actually say that to someone? Ha ha.


Why is 'You search for your scarf or You are searching your scarf' wrong?


If it accepts seek before then it should also accept it in this case, even if it would be awkward in english.


But will i remember this ?

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