"Arrivo allo zoo."

Translation:I arrive at the zoo.

March 23, 2013

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Does the italian verb for arrivere for like in French, «arriver»? In French j'arrive can mean «I am arriving» and also «I am coming». In this case, can arrivo mean «I come»?


Well, if you're in the zoo and the other person is going to there, yes, he's coming to where you are.


In another sentence in this lesson, the translation for "Venite allo zoo" is "You come to the zoo". So in this case, the answer "I come" should be accepted as well.


In the translation tip there was an option "come" as translation for "arrivo"


The recording sounded like Arriv allo zoo. I would have been correct if I had heard arrivo. The sound is not usually clear.

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