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  5. "yIHmey muS tlhInganpu'."

"yIHmey muS tlhInganpu'."

Translation:Klingons hate tribbles.

April 28, 2018



You have a typo: The Klinogons hate the tribbles.

...no, you have a typo. :)

(reported, but the web interface only gives me a check box to complain about the Klingon sentence, not the English suggestion.)


Fixed. Yes, please report these things in the forums rather than with the check boxes. The only check box that gives us ANY information is "my sentence should be accepted" which at least sends us your sentence. All of the other reports are completely useless to us on this course. Thank you for letting us know.


'ej tlhInganpu' muS yIHmey. ngad Hoch. :-)

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