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What Crowns Have Wrought

Instead of repeating or seconding points made in the numerous detailed and persuasive posts on the faults and disappointments of the new Crown system employed by Duolingo, I will simply state the result for this one dispirited citizen of the land of Duolingo:

What was once fun, challenging, interesting, effective and motivating is now tedious, repetitious, simplistic and demotivating.

I have recommended Duolingo to many friends and acquaintances in the past, but I can no longer do so.

April 28, 2018



I agree with this, I don't feel like the crown system has really added anything, rather that it has taken things away. Without timed practice I can no longer use Duolingo like before and am having to move on to other resources. People will say you don't have to reach level five but to me that is like saying you don't have to use Duolingo. It is a shame and disappointing to see a great resource decline but it is their site and as long as it is drawing in new and beginner users I don't think they will listen to feedback or change anything.


I miss timed practice, too. I like competing against myself - like par for the course. Maybe, continued comments like yours will make a difference.


where did timed practice go? i still have it. I just did it and got 1 xp cause I am terrible :D


Timed practice is back, once a skill is golden.


This is why crowns are not worth the effort. How much time would it take for me to unlock each skill for every tree?


The new extended Spanish from English tree is 6000 lessons to get everything to level 5. But just to unlock each skill (get each one to level one) is 500 lessons.


ok, so you don't mean the timed practice on the side?

So there are multiple types of timed practice?


My problem with that is that I can't choose which skill to practice. The doesn't seem random either it just seems to cycle through about three or four lessons.


Your reply is an example of a simple explanation. Wish you were the norm. Thanks.


I seriously dont see the difference between the old and new. certainly no difference that would cause people to react like you.

What has changed? Pre crown, do the same lessons over and over to make them gold again Post crowns, do the same lessons over and over to raise their crown levels.

what is suddenly more repetitious? more simplistic? more demotivating? now that we have crowns?


Basically, like I said in my comment it has taken away not added, you could have practiced slowly before if you wanted but we can no longer use timed practice effectively.


Love your expression. As long as we are learning, isn’t it great?


Try a new approach. I felt the same way a week ago. You are too determined to let crowns turn your smiles upside down.


Like everything, it takes time to get used to. At first I hated the crown system, now I feel good about it. It helps you master a skill before moving on. For me, learning a language takes a lot of repetition.


I still have timed practice (PC). Did you lost it in the web app?


I agree completely. I used to suggest Duolingo, now I do NOT. I used to click on the adds to give Duolingo credit, now I do NOT.

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