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"J'ai vu une vidéo géniale ce matin."

Translation:I saw an awesome video this morning.

April 28, 2018



Awesome??? Not in that context. Only young teenagers speak like that!


Why " I watched...." is not acceptable? We say "watch TV" "watch video games " all the time. Non?


Voir is generally translated as to see and regarder as to watch. In English we could say that we saw a video or that we watched a video, and I believe in French, you could say either j'ai vu or j'ai regardé une video. You can always report it as a translation. I believe this one of the new sentences added to the French tree so they might not have all the acceptable translations added to the system yet. Bonne continuation!


They like to keep the meanings separate. Otherwise learners will be asking "What's wrong with 'Will you come to watch me in my office'?", etc.

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I also tried "watched" instead of "saw". I thought that "watched" would make more sense than "saw": "saw" refers more to seeing a package of video; "watched" means that "having watched it for at least a while".


awesome! give me a break! i try never to use that word. and no other translation???


Oh my god why is the word 'genial' always confusing me!! Can someone explain this word please

[deactivated user]

    Why not "cool" video


    why not "I saw a great movie this morning"? Why only "awesome" is accepted?


    Same question here. Great was in the drop down box as an option.


    Why is cool not accepted?


    why is watched not acceptable? It's what we say in English. I've also long since given up the battle about awesome. Those who object and call it teen age slang are quite correct, but Duolingo will not budge on this point. This program has so little respect for what is called Standard English while being incredibly picky about French usage that it often makes me very angry.


    I saw a nice video this morning makred wrong.


    Why " I watched...." is not acceptable? We say "watch TV" "watch video games " all the time. Non?

    • voir = to see
    • regarder = to watch


    "I have watched video this morning" not " I watched video". why do you mix english grammatical rules with french ones


    Pleeeeze, not bloody awesome! We are not all teenagers.

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