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"I received a visit from my Italian neighbor."

Translation:J'ai reçu la visite de ma voisine italienne.

April 28, 2018



Why "la" and not "une"?


Agreed why? (I tried to give a vote up but system ingored me!


On 2018-07-28, I tried "J'ai reçu une visite de ma voisine Italienne" and it was accepted.

Doesn't fully answer your question, but "une" is accepted.


Duolingo this answer is not internally consistent with others here for some reason. We were taught here to translate le,la,les into the, and un, une into a/an. Why were we marked wrong having followed your instruction?


D'accord, cela ne semble pas avoir de sens d'après ce que nous avons appris du français jusqu'à présent, mais les Français le disent bien et le défi pour nous est de le comprendre en anglais.

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