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"C'est triste, mais toutes mes plantes sont mortes."

Translation:It's sad, but all my plants are dead.

April 28, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Given that (1) the past participle of mourir is mort, (2) mourir's auxiliary verb is être, and (3) plante is a feminine noun, couldn't this sentence also be translated as "It's sad, but all my plants died"?


    I have the same question! I would expect that "my plants have died" would also be "mes plantes sont mortes" but alas, I was marked incorrect.


    Between "are dead" and "have died", both answers are correct and are now accepted.


    What's wrong with saying "all of my plants died". That's a common phrase, "all of my" in American English.


    What is the difference between tous and toutes ?


    Tous is the masculine plural (tout singular), toutes is the feminine plural (toute singular). Toutes is needed here because “plante” is feminine. An example with a masculine noun would be “tous mes arbres sont morts”.

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