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Hatch date keeps getting pushed back?

I've been waiting for this course for a few years, and it seems like the hatch date keeps getting delayed and delayed. I grew up learning both Hindi and English side-by-side (I'm Indian) and can understand and speak it comfortably most of the time, but I want to refine my proficiency, esp. in reading and writing. I'm actually entering an M.A. program in South Asian Studies at Columbia University in fall 2019 and would like to reach an Advanced level in Hindi by then so I can be eligible for FLAS funding.

April 28, 2018



As mentioned by others, you probably won't pick up a ton with the course if you are at that level, although I guess it may help in the written aspect. Keep in mind that on the lowest to highest A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 levels of fluency (the European nomenclature) Duo will only likely get you to an A2-ish sort of level -- in other words get some basic vocab and grammar, but likely fumble to have a real conversation. But they have mentioned a focus on spoken Hindi, so it's tough to tell what you'll pick up.

I don't know if any of the Hindi team is in India. But, as someone who has lived in India for the last six months, I have come to learn that 1) everything takes longer than promised and 2) everything requires multiple requests. The fact that alpha testing is underway is a HUGE step in the right direction and it has really been in the last 8-12 months that everything for the course has happened. I think the new group that has been developing this has really done what was hoped for 3 years ago when the course first entered the incubator. I'm really glad they added the members that they did!


Currently the Alpha Test is going on. They recruited Alpha Testers from the pool of people who had applied through the Incubator's "Contribute" Page.

The Alpha Testers are Indian natives, and that is (in my opinion) a good decision to check answers and add more possible ones.

Well and yes. Reaching an advanced level is kind of not exactly the Duolingo Goal.

These courses are designed to teach Hindi from scratch. They go to some good level, but perhaps since you are already an Indian, you won't find much to learn something new.

[I am an Alpha Tester. Rest assured, we are working everyday]



Thanks for being an alpha tester. Please tell the course constructors that given the bad experience people have had with waiting for this course, it would be extremely helpful if they could post a little update if they have to push back the release date.

Just amending the release date without an update is a very ... jitengorish ... thing to do.


There were some reasons the date was pushed back by the Staff.

There would most probably be an official update soon :)


I forwarded your concerns. Now there's an Update. You can check it out on Course Status.


Great! Thanks for forwarding my message and please pass on my thanks to the team for their update (and their hard work, of course)


Sure :)

Thanks for being eager for the course!


It sounds as if you are more advanced in Hindi than Duolingo could possibly get you to. The most you could get from Duo is advanced beginner or a lower intermediate level.


Being that there is now an alpha test, I would expect the course to hatch on its current schedule (baring any catastrophic findings from the alpha test, of course, but that is unlikely).


:/ https://lyricstranslate.com/ Maybe this will help, try seeing translations of songs into hindi


Been waiting too. This is the last time I’m going to wait. If they push it back any further, I’m out of here. Since 2015 and still not done is not good at all. Too bad since this site is the best at teaching languages.



What I was going to comment has been said already, but I'm following you now.....and I want to learn Tibetan too! :D

Good luck with your studies.

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