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translation - "I hit the piece back with my hand and put it back into place"

How can I say this? This is referring to a part of my bike which i was repairing..

April 28, 2018



Ich habe das Teil mit der Hand zurück an seinen Platz gestoßen / geschlagen / gedrückt.


I would say: "Ich habe das Teil mit der Hand zurückgedrückt und wieder eingesetzt." - (to put s.th. back into place = etwas wieder einsetzen).

Or corresponding: "Ich habe das Teil mit der Hand wieder dahin zurück gedrückt, wo es hingehört".

Referring to repairing a bike you would not translate "put" with "legen" because this would mean that you put the piece just loosely on top of something.

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Mia - Danke. I like it when I get responses like this. I appreciate it very much. Here in the discussions we can get to the nitty-gritty of the fine points of language.


Gern geschehen! It's fun to think about such details of the language you use day by day - sometimes not knowing why we say things how we are used to say them.

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Yes, learning another language really brings to the fore how we are using our own mother-tongue. And I would gather that critiquing a foreigner trying to use your own language does the same thing.

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Or you can say, Ich schlug das Stück mit meiner Hand zurück und legte es wieder an seinen Platz.

EDIT: See Mia's response. Maybe my translation is not the greatest. :-)

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