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translation - "Could you park the car by the side of the road?"

How can I say this? This is referring to me calling an uber driver.

April 28, 2018



Könnten Sie am Straßenrand parken / halten?

"Parken" includes leaving the car - not sure if you want to say that. "Halten" is without leaving the car.


Also you can use this if you want to make variations:

"Könnten Sie bitte rechts ´ranfahren?" (Often used for Taxi or the police asks to stop a car. In Germany the steering wheel is on the left side and we drive on the right side. So we say that somebody can stop the car close to the right sidewalk.)

"Können Sie mich hier herauslassen?" or "Können Sie mich hier absetzen?" (If you want to ask kindly if someone could let you out of the car where you are.)

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Danke für deinen Beitrag

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Könnten Sie das Auto am Straßenrand halten? Or, if you know the Uber driver, Könntest du am Straßenrand halten?


"Könnten Sie das Auto am Straßenrand halten" would mean that he holds the car. If there is an accusative object in the sentence "halten" is related to that object.

"Könnten Sie am Straßenrand halten" refers to "Sie" (the nominative) and would be correct.

Or: "Könnten Sie das Auto am Straßenrand anhalten" (which would be grammatically correct but sounds rather unusual).

I would say:

  • "Könnten Sie am Straßenrand anhalten?" which means "to stop" (if you are already in the car)

  • "Könnten Sie am Straßenrand auf mich warten?" which means "wait for me" (if you've called the car to pick you up).

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Mia - Thanks so much. The reason I stick my neck out is just for this reason; I know (or hope) someone will correct my mistakes.


Immer wieder gerne! I'm glad if I could help...

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