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Has some of the Colors practises been removed??

A week ago I think I noticed that the colors had 7 practises. I'm level 2 on it and now I only need to do 4 practises, whilst a week ago I needed 14. Am I remembering wrong or has something happened?

April 28, 2018



Congratulations you are probably on the A/B test in which Crowns levels each have their own color. Check if 0 is purple, 1 is blue, 2 is green, 3 is red, 4 is orange and of course Crown level 5 will be gold.

Remember that Level 1 will allow you to continue down the tree, because that is the equivalent of the previous system's golden skill, so that is now blue. They may have decided on other things to change, but I don't have a list of those.


The number of practices required to reach the next crown/skill level corresponds to the former number of lessons in that skill multiplied by x, where is is 1 to reach level 1, 1 to reach level 2, 2 to reach 3, 3 to reach 4 and 4 to reach level five.
So it depends on the skill, some are longer, some shorter.


Wait. Wrong answer. Maybe your tree was updated?
Edit: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26726755


I don't think PolyglotRainbow has the new French tree. As I type (s)he has 78 skills, and the new tree has 96.

Must be something else going on.



Thanks for checking!


My tree looks different though, but I do have 78

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