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  5. "我的哥哥发烧。"


Translation:My older brother has a fever.

April 28, 2018



Natives of English: can I say "he has fever" instead of "he has a fever"? I thought you could go either way, but this course enforces the indefinite article upon me…


It's "he has A fever". The only time the indefinite article isn't used that I know of is when it's in the name of a disease like "scarlet fever" etc.


But we don't want to learn English here, but Chinese, and without "a" it should be accepted to


I don't understand why "了" is used with being sick ("生病了") and having a cold ("感冒了"), but not having a fever ("發燒了").


Of course you can say 发烧了


Is 的 really required with 哥哥 (close relation)? Duo not accepting 我哥哥发烧


Duolingo should accept the sentence without 的 de.


I t's quite common to say "My older brother has fever." You don't always need the 'a' in English. Marks you wrong for writing that however.

Hopefully in a few years time you might read this and add it to the list of possible English answers.

I'm way past being polite now this constant problem is so irritating. Great program for learning Chinese, and I appreciate it is free, but what a shame you have such a paucity of English answers in this course. Once again, we are not here to learn English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have to click on "Report" for them to add a new answer. And yes they do add possible answers (only if you report them though, writing here does not count). I get emails every day saying my suggestions were added.

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