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"You are sleeping. We cannot respect you."

Translation:bIQongtaH. pIvuvlaHbe'.

April 28, 2018



Why "biQongtaH" rather than "biQong"? I looked at the section's "tips and notes" afterward, and didn't see anything about "-taH", nor do I remember it from earlier lessons.


The ending -taH indicates continuous aspect: more or less the difference between “you sleep” and “you are sleeping”.

I see that this unit (Vocabulary 1) contains -taH as if to introduce it; I can’t access all of the tips and notes at the moment though as I’m travelling. Perhaps something needs to be added to the tips and notes or the sentence needs to be looked at.

I’ll try to remember to have a look at it when I get back next week, or perhaps one of the other contributors will.

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