"You are sitting down on that chair."

Translation:Vous vous asseyez sur cette chaise.

April 28, 2018

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In a previous sentence, Duo gave the correct answer as "dans le canapé". Here, Duo would not accept "dans la chaise" as correct. Is there a difference between "sur" and "dans" when referring to sitting on furniture?

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I just found this... "SURFACE + verbe de contact: être "assis/allongé/couché SUR" la chaise, le tabouret, le fauteuil, le lit...

VOLUME ou ENVIRONNEMENT: être "assis/allongé/couché/installé DANS" le canapé, le lit, la moquette, le salon..."


To mng22: Duo tends to be very strict about the use of Le/la/l' vs. Ce/cet/cette, etc.. I still don't know exactly how Celui,cela, etc. function, but I suspect that if you'd used "dans" with (now I've forgotten if it's "ce" or "cette" for this sentence) the French equivalent of the English word "this" your answer might have been accepted.

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    I put "tu es t'assieds". Do I use "es"?


    Tu t'assois ou tu t'assieds.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks Claude


      tu te assieds sur cette chaise?


      tu t'assieds sur cette chaise

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