"Jen se dívej."

Translation:Just watch.

April 28, 2018

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Help! When is divej se translated as look and when as watch? I keep thinking this means just look because all the other examples in this unit translate divej se as look.


There is no one to one correspondence. You have imperfective dívat se, sledovat (or bookish hlědět) and perfective podívat se (or bookish pohledět).

Here watch likely has imperfective meaning, while look can be both. Have a look would be perfective for me (one look, not continuous looking).


Thanks. There's a common expression in english "just look, don't touch!" So I think that looking can be imperfect as well in english. I sit and look at the mountains for hours" etc. So perhaps in this case the translation to english could include "Just look".


And it does and has always included. It is an accepted translation.


Would "Only look" be acceptable? If not, please help me to understand why.


I think this order is acceptable as well.

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