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  5. "I am eating fruit."

"I am eating fruit."

Translation:Je mange des fruits.

April 28, 2018



I got it from english to french. Wrote "Je mange fuit"

Got this error: You used the wrong word. Je mange 1 fruit.


I got that as well. Quite strange.


In english singular "fruit", in french plural "des fruits".


Shouldn't this be "je mange fruit"?


I bet I'm late to the party on this one. French cannot have a noun alone without an article (a, the). You also are not able to differentiate plurals in French 99% of the time without the use of articles. Fruit sounds the same as fruits. Je mange fruit & je mange fruits are both wrong as there is no way to differentiate them.

Je mange de la fruit - I am eating one piece of fruit Je mange des (de + les) fruits - I am eating fruit Je mange les fruits - I am eating the fruit

This 'de' article is used to keep it general. You also have to know if the noun is Masculine or Feminine as well as if it is plural or not. (De + Le) = Du (De + Les) = Des (De + La) = De La (De + L') = De L'

Hope this helps and sorry if you are already way past this.


The response I got said I should have used "fruit" not "fruits" but "fruit wasn't there for me to select

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