"Víc čti, abys víc věděl."

Translation:Read more to know more.

April 28, 2018

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Why was "read more so you know more" not accepted


It still is not. "so" = "in order that". I reported it.


"read more in order to know more" can this be correct?


why can't we use the infinitive of vedel and say: "vic cti, abys vic vedet" is it because of abys , or because of temporality ? thanks


An infinitive is a specific indefinite verbal form and can only be used in specific grammatical contexts. This is not one of them.

In clauses of purpose one uses the form of aby (abych, abys, abychom...) followed by the past participle to form the conditional mood together.

We might be able to translate the English infinitive by some other verbal forms (like verbal nouns) in some other sentences, but not here.


Thank you , plus I made the error to think that after abys (and others) you would put a preterit !! so vedel is in fact a past participle .


Read more so that you will know more. -- was NOT accepted. Why not?

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