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"Kateřino a Žofie, stárněte pomalu."

Translation:Kateřina and Žofie, age slowly.

April 28, 2018



Can we not translate this as "grow old slowly"?


I would say "Age slowly, Katerina and Zofie!" if it were a command. "Katerina and Zofie, age slowly" would be misinterpreted as a statement, especially if expressed verbally.


I would suggest that the Czech sentence is clear that Katěřina and Žofie are being addressed.

I agree that "Kateřina and Žofie, age slowly" could, depending on how it is spoken, be misinterpreted as a statement about those two ladies, but I think that is more likely to happen if they are not present. If they are, the meaning is probably also clear in English, though one could argue that point, if a number of people are present.

But there is no reason to change the English translation, IMO, especially since we will be trying to reduce the number of unnecessarily "flipped" alternatives that are accepted.

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