"Er schwimmt oft und gern."

Translation:He is swimming often and gladly.

April 28, 2018

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Nobody says this sentence in English


This is a badly put together sentence in english


He likes to swim often.


That'd be a different sentence in German: Er schwimmt gerne oft.


Thanks. However, the English translation Duo gives is strange sounding to a native English speaker.



IT'S REALLY UNBEARABLE..... 80% of my "supposed" mistakes have nothing to do with my German but with the way Duo wants me to speak English... for example here with the right place for the word "OFTEN" in this sentence..... BUT I AM HERE TO LEARN GERMAN !!!!!!!!!!. ....

I'm done today... spending less and less time in this app.... far too much time wasted with English issues ....




As others have said, no one would say this in English. I translated the German as "He swims often and likes it," and I think that captures the meaning of the German sentence in a translation that someone might actually say in English.


"oft und gern" sounds better with a different verb, i.e., Er kommt oft und gern," "he comes gladly and often [to visit me]. A little old fashioned, but possibly serviceable as a translation of an older novel.


That's a terrible sentence structure, I swear Duo's English answers have been ran back to back through Google translate


As everyone else say, the English here is not something anyone would say. I prefer "He swims often and likes it." That's a little awkward too, but I think it's something someone might say. I'm reporting this as correct.

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