"Domácí úkol mi sežral pes."

Translation:The dog ate my homework.

April 28, 2018

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Teaching people excuses, aren't we? ;)

"Pepičku, kde je svůj domácí úkol?" "Domácí úkol mi sežral pes!" "Ale Pepičku, ty nemaš vůbec psa!"


Why the use of dative "mi" here?


Czech (as well as Romanian and German) uses the dative when something is “done to somebody.” So “…ate my homework” becomes “ate the homework to me,” and “…stole my wallet” becomes “stole the wallet to me.”


Just a sidenote: "Der Hund hat mir die Hausaufgaben gefressen" (quite literally this sentence) is considered quite colloquial in German. We rather use the possessive (ate my homework).

But in the most other cases you're right :D

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