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"Ve škole dávám pozor, abych se nemusel doma tolik učit."

Translation:I pay attention at school so as not to have to study as much at home.

April 28, 2018



This sounds like a weird way to phrase it in English. Why is: " I pay attention at school, so I don't have to study as much at home." wrong?


Added after a consultation with others.


I wrote "I pay attention at school to not have to study so much at home" but it got evaluated as wrong. It seems more of a correct way than their translation.


I am usually a stickler for not splitting infinitives, but kept writing "so as to not have to study"...and it kept coming up wrong. In USA they aren't fighting that battle any more.


Do not search any battle in it, we might just be missing a valid alternative.

Added now.


It appears this has not been added yet. I reported it.


What exactly did you answer and report?

OK, it was missing in one branch. When you comment, it is good to always repeat the complete answer in the discussion so that we can easier identify the relevant branch.


Why must it be "I pay attention at school" and not "At school I pay attention", since the latter is the word order in the Czech phrase?


English is not my native language; is "I pay attention at school so that I don't have to learn so much at home" far too different from being correct?

  • so as not to have to is another awkward translation to English (my first language). Isn't this a better option: I pay attention at school so I don't have to study as much at home.*
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