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I was recently doing some exercises and noticed how easy it was writing without special letters (like umlauts or ß) or capital letters. Even though I try to use them, there's no consequence when I don't. Maybe that's because I didn't advance much, maybe in further lessons it becomes stricter. I think there should be some sort of hard mode where answer checking becomes stricter and maybe harder exercises may be added where you should translate to german. It should be optional (could be changed from Daily Goals Setting), and maybe could give more XP. Also Daily Goal Setting must have option to increase XP goal. 50 XP daily is OK but not enough for "Insane". It's like 5 sessions.

April 28, 2018


I agree: The use of umlauts and capital letters should be mandatory. At the lower levels, there could be a note: "Your spelling is not correct. It should be ...", without counting it as a mistake.

But it should certainly be pointed out, and after some time these mistakes should be recorded as mistakes because the capitalization of nouns and the umlauts are crucial features of the German language.

Question: do Germans always include the umlauts and capitalization in casual written text?

Because I know for example that Russians have the letter ё but many Russians, very often in casual writing but sometimes even in official mediums like newspapers, just write it as е with the "correct" letter left to context.
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Heike - Ich bin vollkommen einverstanden.

I must admit that I can be lazy at times and not use the proper accents, characters. I appreciated early on how forgiving the system is; however, I would like to be able to either select a setting - forgiving vs unforgiving, easy vs hard how forgiving - OR at the higher crown levels, the system should be unforgiving.

As I'm reviewing material now, my goal is to not have these types of errors, but I have to check to see what the system is telling me when I pass the question - to be sure I didn't miss something.

You have to understand that the average German learner probably doesn't have a German keyboard. Also, some people might be learning several languages and it's difficult to install several languages to your keyboard and still expect it to be accurate. But I do agree it would be better off as an option, rather than something mandatory. I feel like it would just slow down progress if it was actually mandatory.

I keep doing basic 1 for Spanish, and so are hard because of what I learned but I'm on crown level 4. (I think that's what it is) So I bet it advances everytime you level up. Hope that helps!

I agree with this. I often take the easy way out when it comes to this just because after a while you just get lazy with it, but I'd rather them penalize me for it so that it forced me to do it the right way.

I agree with this.
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Chal_LaQ - It doesn't seem to get stricter and I am pretty far down the tree now. Sometimes I just do it to find out if I would get dinged for it. I never do.

Also depends on whether you are or a tablet or computer

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