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Disappointed and Demotivated from Duolingo


I've been on Duolingo for more than 7 years, since they started Beta of their 2-nd course ever, Spanish. Till this autumn I maintained a streak of 708 + 56 days. But Due to bugs: lessons that were not registered as done, and streak freeze that was bought, but was not equipped, or a streak freeze that was used, did not actually keep the streak, just dissipated.

I've been quite proud of my accomplishments and I almost finished the Spanish Tree for English Speakers. I was working on Getting it all Gold, So I could make a YouTube video about my practice and streak.

I did not get any technical assistance. The only things I got for my Reports is Automated Standard Bot Replies which did not address the issues I described. Duolingo used to be more-human, I mean you could actually send a mail and get a human reply, which would address the issue. How do I know? Well, it was not the first time I reported bugs and sent screenshots to Duolingo to help make it better. But previously I got human reply. Although It's been a few years ago...

I really loved this platform and I brought some of my friends and acquaintances to use it, so now few of them learn an additional language, even on a daily basis.

Also the lessons used to be more challenging, when: You had to type yourself the sentence in the Target language, and the Translated language and not just choose boxes. More listening and Speaking Exercises, that were varied: you could listen in one language and translate to another, or just repeat the sentence.

Now the lessons are not challenging at all, they are easy and boring.

The latest software updates, which were claimed to be better, because the Duolingo's software platform was changed - well, since these updates happened, the app both on my Android and in web became really slow, and had critical bugs, which made me lose my progress. (streak)

Beside that, they started this crown system... I no longer can see my XP, unless I go to the profile. I have to repeat uninteresting and dumb sentences which I know by heart. I no longer have ANY golden skills anywhere. I can not chose the particular set of words I'd like to practice, because I know what I don't remember... Instead I get sentences all the same... Again and again. I can not Test skills, I used to do this a lot.

I also started playing in Different language platforms on Duolingo and it made a huge mess in my language level representations. I speak well 3 languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, and my Target language (first) is Spanish, German and even French (but mainly Spanish). So I sometimes change platforms to challenge myself which means I take reverse or different courses like: Spanish for Russian speakers, English for Spanish Speakers, German for Spanish speakers (as my 2-nd target language), and maybe even French. And I did not get any Level Up feedback in those additional platforms, it represents only my English platform levels. Even when I got the right amount of points to level up, before the crown system, I would not get a level up notice in these platforms.

I reported many sentences in different platforms that were accepted as solutions: in Spanish for English Speakers, Russian for English Speakers, English for Spanish Speakers, Spanish for Russian Speakers and probably more.

I think I did contribute to Duolingo, trying to make it better for everyone, because I believe that learning and operating more than one language is important.

But due to recent and less-recent changes, bugs, progress loss, and annoying system changes I feel very disappointed and demotivated.

I used to practice almost every day, now I come and go, here and there and consider leaving for good. But it really saddens me, and there is no one to talk to about it (Duolingo staff)...

Muchas gracias por la oportunidad de estudiar nuevas lenguas aqui, pero es tiempo que ir addelante para mi.

So Goodbye, and maybe I hop here once in a while... But I will keep my learning elsewhere. Unfortunately. :(

April 28, 2018



Many of us have been disappointed at some point. I stopped making helpful posts for Spanish learners because there's a group of haters down voting my efforts. These forums cracked up since Duolingo created the Schools section. Many old and good administrators just vanished out: Marssy, Remy, Kristine... I've had to relax myself and starting discovering new ways to keep learning, mainly by suscriptions on Facebook to interesting English articles and by finding out new and funny apps, just like LINGBE (www.lingbe.com)

Take a rest, relax, explore new ways and come back here.


Yes, I'm right behind you.

I just lowered my Daily XP Goal from 50 (where it's been for 700 days) to 1, the lowest setting available. I was doing 500 XP a day for about the first year, and then lowered it to about 200 XP per day after I hit level 25 on both the Spanish tree and the reverse tree.

I'll keep my streak going for now, but I'm thinking this is probably the beginning of the end for me at Duolingo.

I am saddened, because I was big fan of Duolingo, and I do appreciate all the help and instruction I've gotten here.

I just don't have the amount of study time to throw away on stuff I've already learned, and--to be honest--it's boring me to tears. That is no way to go about learning.


That's sad to hear! I have been disappointed too, but the site is still doable for me. Ojála it will be fixed soon so you can join us again.


It might be time to branch out and try another apps and services. Like Antonio, I recommend Lingbe (and Tandem) to practice speaking. I also like Memrise for its official courses.

I don't use my Duolingo tree anymore. I try to do a story each day and have one real conversation.


Don't give up. Who knows? Doulingo might change again.


Some of the changes in Duolingo have been disappointing and have had a negative impact on learning. The crown system is a disaster. Before that the health system slowed progress to a snail's pace. These are very strange changes for a product that claims to PROMOTE language learning.


Starting today, I have noticed that the rectangular boxes in some of the exercises have turned uncomfortably tiny. And they feel still more uncomfortable to me since I have bought a new pair of reading glasses recently. The organisers may have a reason to introduce tiny boxes. But can they create an option for someone like me? Either return the boxes to the original size, or give the option of typing the answer when the boxes are so tiny?


This is a bug. I reported it 2 days ago and got a reply that they are aware of the issue and working on fixing it. It's really annoying so I really hope they fix it soon.


I use a paper clip to select the tiny boxes. It's annoying but it works.


Those of you who have given up learning on Duolingo, have you switched to any other platforms, or have you given up learning the language for good?


I'm using Rocket Spanish, Preply Spanish tutors, YouTube video tutorials, workbooks and flashcards that I ordered on Amazon.


The lack of any customer service is, to my mind, a major flaw in an otherwise good program


I agree. For me that would probably solve the problem.


"Lack of customer service" ??? Look at all these people who are using this incredible program to learn so many languages - for free! I'd call that good service. Plus, if and when I note that my answer should be accepted, or I notice a bug, I get an email back telling me I was right and that my answer is now accepted in the program or that they are working on the bug. What kind of customer service are you looking for?


The one that addresses serious show-stopper bugs personally, when they are sent by the user to the company, and not by sending a standard, completely unrelated bot reply. After all, a well working app is everyone's interest, and if someone found some important issue, then it is only logical that their E-mail, will at least get a human reply.


I am with you! The new system is horrible! why can't they make it better. it is way to easy now!


I like the new system you have to repeat more so it sticks earlier and better, so with the new system you will learn more and better on the long run. With the old system i forgot to much and that was very annoying


I totally agree. At first I didn't like the "crowns". But now, for me, I am finding it very useful to repeat lessons. The only Spanish lessons I've had are on Duolingo and I'm amazed at how much I've learned. Possibly the repetition doesn't work for those of you who have had high school or college Spanish classes, but for me, this repeat and repeat is starting to really help make everything sink in!


I always select the "test out" option, instead of doing the lessons which are slow, repetitive and boring which makes each lesson a little bit more challenging and requires a bit more research to find out what certain words mean but I'm finding it to be a good work-around.


Finally a good thing about having a Windows Phone: The old system is still available there


I agree completely! I feel so frustrated with the new version. It feels like I'm making no progress whatsoever. I really loved the old version, in which turning and keeping classes 'gold' was a manageable goal, which motivated me everyday to do a few more exercises than I had planned.

In the new version, it takes forever, and I have no idea how 'close' I am to turning a class gold. I also feel like the level dropped considerably. After being asked what an 'apple' is in Spanish about 100 times now,. I know that it is a manzana! I feel like I'm suddenly using a kids' version...

Please bring back the old duolingo...

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