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"Some children do not like any vegetables."

March 23, 2013



Why not "Manche Kinder mögen kein jeder Gemüse"?


That doesn't make any sense.


Just stick to the pattern provided by Duolingo.


But I don't want just to stick to something, I want to understand and think about it. I want to learn it properly. And I've just started few days ago, so your answer is not useful for me. So I'd like to ask you if you could explain why not "jeder" and in what context can I use it?


@psychokat: as christian already told you: It doesn't make any sense at all. This combination of words is just not possible in German. Please don't expect us to give a complete overview of German grammar ;-) If you just started learning the language, I'd suggest to first make yourself comfortable with the 'standard patterns' before becoming more creative.


@schatzie35 (nice nick, BTW): If you want to put more emphasis on the 'kein', you could use 'gar kein Gemüse' or 'überhaupt kein Gemüse'. Normally, you can switch from 'kein' to 'nicht ein' if you want to emphasize the negation. But this doesn't work in this case because 'Gemüse' acts as a mass noun. You could say 'Manche Kinder mögen nicht eine Gemüsesorte', though.


I agree with you, psychokat, that it doesn't make sense. I don't understand what makes the "correct" translation "some kids don't like any vegetables instead of "some kids don't like vegetables." They're two different sentences. If there's no way to say the former in German, why didn't they just have us translate the latter?


What's the difference between singular and plural when using "kein(e)"? That is, why is it saying "Manche Kinder mögen keine Gemüse" is wrong?


It sounds odd because "Gemüse" is not usually used in the plural.

"Meanwhile, German has a general word for "vegetables" that, like English "fruit", is (usually) non-count: das Gemüse. British English has a slang word for "vegetables" that acts the same way: "veg" [rhymes with "edge"]."



How's this:"Manche Kinder moegen Gemuese nicht

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